Nirav Patel (b. 1982)

Nirav Patel was born on May 11, 1982 in India. He is currently a San Francisco-based Fine Art Portrait and Wedding Photographer whose emotive work is inspired by quiet moments. His signature pieces involve the molding of natural and artificial light in dramatic ways to draw attention to expression and emotion. Highly inspired by cinema, his photos often tell an open-ended story. The intentional use of color further draws the viewer into the feeling and mood of each photograph he takes.

“I am drawn to quiet moments. I believe this pull originated from attempts at self-preservation when I was a young boy living in neighborhoods that were difficult. At the age of 7, I built a sanctuary in my room. In this small space, I placed a red tent on my bed and surrounded it with a moat of stuffed animals that served as my protectors. My imagination soared in this beautiful, safe haven. The feeling of loneliness was replaced by the comfort of solitude. Here is where I found my quiet moments. To this day I still look for the glimpses of quiet when the world is turbulent. Creating imagery is the only way I’ve ever known how to share my story with others.”

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