Peter Jogo (American, b. 1948)

Peter Jogo was born in Deposit, New York in 1948.  He studied at the State University of New York at Albany and received a Master of Fine Arts degree at Cornell University. For much of his life, he has lived and worked in Pennsylvania, which has provided the inspiration for many of his nocturnes.

The mezzotints and pastels by Jogo capture the silence and stillness possible in both rural and urban landscapes. With masterful use of the subtle tones, only possible with mezzotint, played against strong silhouettes and deep shadows, the artist develops evocative nocturnal settings. The soft, ethereal quality of the black and white provides a foundation on which the artist builds his multi-plate color mezzotints, allowing for a particular richness, depth and texture in the landscapes of rolling fields and open skies. The softness of his larger chalk pastels is a natural evolution from the mezzotint surface. Whether in the city or the country, Jogo’s landscapes create inviting spaces for pause and reflection.

Jogo has been awarded the Strathmore Award for Watercolor Excellence from the Butler Institute of American Art, purchase awards from the Pratt Graphics Center, DeCordova Museum, North Carolina Print and Drawing Society, the Print Club of Philadelphia, and the University of Wisconsin.

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