Sergey Vinogradov (Russian, 1979)

Sergey Vinogradov is a photographer who gravitates toward capturing the emotional man, humanizing him, and creating a narrative where masculinity and emotion can be synonymous. For him, photography is not just about the photo, but also a way to express his pain and joy. He has been working with these subjects, and within photography, for over 10 years.

I shoot everything for art, even if it is for hire. With my work, I strive to always capture the emotional man, to see his delicate/soft, human nature, and to tell this story in which the masculine and emotional can become synonymous.

With my models, I am not afraid to demonstrate the feminine within the masculine. All of my ideas are spontaneous works, when I go to the photo session, I can only guess but never know, how it will be. The most important thing for me is the energy of the person, what’s important in his inner world, and only then do I begin to imagine the photograph. My friends say, that I do not photograph people, but myself in people. So, in general, you could call my work “the feminine within the masculine

In terms of my inspiration, I love to watch films. I really love the Russian director Andrey Tarkovsky and am also a big fan of Alexey Balabanov.

If we are talking about photographers that inspire me, then it is Robert Mapplethorpe. I am also in awe of Russian photographer Evgeniy Mokhorev.

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