Stanley Anderson (English, 1884-1966)

As a student at the Royal College in 1909, Stanley Anderson was taught etching by Sir Frank Short RA. Short was both a practitioner of and keen advocate of the Whistlerian etched line. Whistler had died in 1903 and his presence was keenly felt among etchers of the day. His influence upon Anderson is evidenced in the calligraphic line, plate tone, composition, and chiaroscuro.

Anderson responded to the socio-economic changes he observed as, within a mere quarter century, the British Empire of his youth was transformed into a nation scarred by two world wars. His painstakingly wrought prints reveal that every line or mark serves a purpose.

Stanley Anderson Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné
by Robert Meyrick and Harry Heuser was published by the Royal Academy of Arts.

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